Confluence and Focal Upright by Safco


Chester by Great Openings


Acclaim by 9 to 5 Seating


Burke by H Contract


Miro Flip Tables by Watson


Verve by Stylex


About Us

Linked is a leading sales and marketing company of performance-based interior furnishings. While Linked was formed recently, 2010, Linked’s team has represented the most distinguished manufacturers of interior design elements for corporate, healthcare, senior living, education, hospitality, and government facilities for over 25 years. Linked’s headquarters and showroom are located in the heart of Silicon Valley. However, we have both representatives and product samples available throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada. We use state of the art design software and specification tools to provide design services and meet technical documentation requirements … in other words, to make your job easier.

Our purpose is to meet people’s design needs through supportive relationships, as we provide high quality interior elements for designers and dealers – design elements that strengthen the designer and dealer relationship and the end user experience. We believe that serving others and applying the Golden Rule rewards both our customers and ourselves, benefiting both our personal and corporate objectives.

Markets are ever changing, and nowhere is this more evident than locally. The Linked team takes pride in staying in front of the latest technologies utilized in our industry, and presenting solutions and tools in the most up to date format.


The two Linked showrooms (San Jose and San Francisco) provide 4,900 and 3,500 square feet of product display, respectively. Our newly renovated spaces were specifically designed to showcase the types of furniture demanded by our somewhat unique market. As such, Linked is the Bay Area’s ultimate independent design and facilities resource. The San Jose showroom is open during set hours on Tuesday and Thursday, and by special appointment. While the San Francisco showroom is appointment only.

San Jose, CA

San Francisco, CA

Featured Items

Evolve by ESI

The Award Winning Evolve series arms take the EDGE series to new heights with unmatched flexility, ease of use, and functionality.

Linked Conquers the Links!

No records scores were harmed in the making of our Christmas party, but many egos were. Oh, and be sure to ask Rob about his new shorts.

Medina by Mayline

Medina allows you to bring style and functionality to laminate furniture, all for an incredible price.

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